Inaugurated on 14 May 2021, the San Damon Museum is intended to promote the oniroscopic art created by the artist in 2004. It includes photographic, sculptural and literary works (including his poetry collections), as well as  his numerous drawings and all of his musical scores, including the Upper Side West Concept, not to mention his latest work, contemporary dance.

Damon and his wife recently moved to Japan where the artist staged and integrated his work with Butoh, thus showing the many facets of his creation. I would not be complete if I did not mention the Grand Duchy of Oniroscopie, which now has more than one million visitors per month.



With a collection of more than 1400 works, the museum will organise occasional exhibitions on lesser-known subjects of the artist, but will keep permanently the works of the great themes that made his fame, allowing to follow and understand the evolution of the oniroscopist art.

But above all, what sets the San Damon Museum, nicknamed "The Manor", apart is its design.    The rooms that welcome the visitors are all creations of the artist and we go from the simple recollection that we can have with a work to the technology that allows us to see them differently. Please refer to the different explanatory chapters.


On the initiative of Brian Wilbanks and Luke Kelter, funds have been raised to build the San Damon Museum in one of their properties ideally located in Nassau.

Oscar Bernstein, a great collector of San Damon's work, has donated part of his collection of photographs covering various themes.


Allison Rosenberg is the director and manager of the San Damon Museum. Originally conceived as a private foundation, it has evolved into a semi-private museum. At its opening in May 2021, 600 guests from all over the world, but mainly from Japan where San Damon and his family have been living for a short time, were able to discover the different facets of Oniroscopism created by San Damon.


The Cercle S, the Magenta box, the library, the various lounges, the Dream Room, the Naked Room, the R. (restaurant-bar) and its spaces in this particular setting allow visitors to experience oniroscopic art first hand and to grasp the nuances that San Damon, in creating it, has infused it with.