Damon 64/71   (Cocktail)

Damon 64 was created by its author, San Damon in 1992, during a nude party that he gave at his property in Racouni, in the Grand Duchy of Oniroscopy.

Here is the recipe.

1.) Grab a tall cocktail glass

2.) Then pour a good ½ centimeter of Blackcurrant or Grenadine Syrup, it depends.

3.) Add a mint leaf, preferably fresh, and place 2 ice cubes on top to retain the mint leaf at the bottom of the glass.

4.) Finally pour some Bitter Lemon Tonic or, according to your taste, some natural Schweppes Tonic for a more bitter variant.

Wait 3 minutes 64 seconds and mix with a long drink spoon.


Damon 71 is identical to Damon 64, but preferably 2 fingers of Belvedere Vodka are added.