San Damon Biography

San Damon, photographer, visual artist, author and composer notably of acousmatic music, born in Paris in 1972.


Says San Damon : When you're an orphan like me, you spend your whole life trying to create a reassuring, familial environment. But it's better that way than two bastards.


In 2004 creates the Oniroscopism, photographic style coming from an argentic photographic technique he invents and on which he takes out a patent the same year.


After having studied cinema and photo direction, San Damon has the will to search elsewhere for what is not taught at school. This brings him to travel all around Europe, cross the Atlantic to settle down in the United States, principally in New York.


In 1998, a meeting leads him to Brazil where he stays a short year,it’s there that thanks notably to the very particular twilight of this country he discovers another way of directing the light and of transforming the colours. He elaborates the architecture of the former by throwing off its balance concerning its natural direction. Given that he exclusively works in the argentic way, he is free to add different products to the baths bringing so on other reactions, other emulsions. At the very end of the nineties San Damon’s photographic works have nothing more to do with what we know from the traditional photography.

He creates his colours register and solves the problem of the enlargement.All we know is that it was by marrying the product of new searches and experiences to the results obtained before that he forms the key of the problem,key he immediately has patented and protected. In 2004 he takes out a patent on his argentic photographic technique under the name Oniroscopism.


So that’s the way the artist builds his photographic world,a world inundated with light,a value very dear to him.Should he define his art,he would talk of,we quote him : ” A confused allusion of the identity where the light is yet only an illusion,…The darkness being the truth of the lie”.

In other words,clouding what’s tangible,messing up the evidence and so reaching a sort of disguised reality.