Oniroscopist Musical Works

San Damon composed this musical work in 15 movements, which does not exist in classical music, referring to the colours of his photographic works and the words he wrote to refer to them. It was performed as a world premiere in the arena of the Brussels planetarium on 21 January 2016. In the 35-metre diameter dome, 178 of his photographic works were projected on the theme of New York.

Orchestration is here thought of as a symphony with its tonal system and diatonic scale that follows a course that seems logical at first glance when a dissonant compound conception occurs between notes that give the impression of instability and/or annoyance.


The dodecaphonism dear to Arnold Schönberg or Anton Weber remains at a distance. Here is brought by, certainly, a series of notes emancipated from the tonal system, an approach that is still different, because strange words are spoken, which brings it musically. A poetry derived from Damon's texts but not interpreted in its entirety, words are like sounds that espouse or partition the tonal composition, the meaning is coherent, the urban sounds that intervene throughout the work are formally incoherent but the whole oniroscopic symphorapsody, and this is what is troubling, becomes coherent again.



We can say that at times, when all the elements of oniroscopism are combined, we seem to perceive a color for one instrument, a variant of this color for another instrument of the same family, a word for a color, a synonym of this word for a variation of this color. A word meaning a note of an instrument combined with a color or its variant, or a word and its synonyms related to an instrument and its scales. An instrument coupled to a color and/or this color would be signified by different words or a photographic work to a sentence supported by a series of chords and harmonies.