Oniroscopism was first a photographic style created and patented in 2004 by San Damon. This photographic process is only silver, which allows, during the development phase, different stages concretizing the particularity of Oniroscopism, allowing in particular a light whose architecture is transgressed, natural colors that are transfigured and unusual shooting axes. His works are generally very large format prints. Another of these steps also takes place during the shooting, via filters of the artist's work.


His Damon is a photographer-plastician, author, composer and sculptor, which leads him not to confine himself to the art of photography alone. Between 2006 and 2008, his photographic style branched off by developing other artistic disciplines, always with an intellectual connotation, such as sculpture, music, literature "mainly poetry". San Damon, who holds the intellectual and legal conception of it, wrote an Oniroscopic treatise "Axioms and Theorems", if Oniroscopism is a style, it has necessarily become a movement in itself. He describes a shift to another world where we become witnesses to an identity that we know and yet is no longer quite the same.


He takes the spectator to task, who becomes a witness and plunges into the magma of the unknown as if he were stripped of all his usual knowledge. To take this damonnian neologism, he is "nudified", and thrown into the immensity of the unusual, the unpublished; chromatic vertigo envelops him. He undoubtedly plays on both emotion and technique.