The poems of San Damon

Translations of San Damon's poems ( Editions, collection of poems " A few words for you " ) .

In French,English,Japanese,Italian,Russian,

San Damon's poems have been the subject of books, different editions and numerous translations, including filmed translations.

These translations have been done by intellectuals and academics specialised in translation and poetry.

Below are the different languages in which his poetry has been translated. French,English,Japanese,Italian,Russian,

All are from the same collection of poems "A few words for you".


                                                                         A few words for you (Collection of poems)

Preface :

Writing about love, poetising about feelings, talking about the heart, the soul or sex, all this may seem derisory. Except that only a fool would be foolish not to understand that this is the very essence of life.


                                                                                                             Oscar Bernstein (collector) 

French and English

His poems, 15 sentences, were spoken in French by the writer Sébastien Cassidy and in English by Elena Kirby, in the same film. 

Translated into English by Elena Kirby - PhD in Philosophy and Literature at the University of Gloucestershire


This time, it is Yuri Matsumaru, the choreographer, dancer and storyteller who says them in a very touching film.

15 sentences from her poetry collection " A few words for you ".

フィルム プレゼンテーション。サン・ダモンの詩集「あなたへのいくつかの言葉、」から15句を松丸百合が朗読詩集



                                         オスカー・バーンスタイン    (コレクター)



Roberta Ferrara has translated and spoken the poems of San Damon.

Graduated in Law at the University of Catania -Italy

Translator, interpreter and teacher of Italian-French

Graduated in clarinet from the Conservatorio di Musica Vincenzo Bellini of Caltanissetta - Italy


Roberta Ferrara ha tradotto e parlato le poesie di San Damon

Laureata in Giurisprudenza all'Università degli Studi di Catania -Italia

Traduttrice, interprete e professoressa d’italiano-francese

Diplomata in clarinetto presso il Conservatorio musicale Vincenzo Bellini di Caltanissetta - Italia


Ruiping Li has translated and spoken the poems of San Damon.

Licentiate in Religious Sciences from the Catholic University of Louvain, Professor of Professor of Philosophy and Religion in the higher secondary education in Belgium.

Sworn translator and interpreter for the National Register of Belgium.

Professor of Chinese language and culture in Belgium.








Vladislav Linkiavitchious has translated and spoken the poems of San Damon

Graduate of the Brussels Institute of Translators and Interpreters 

Conference interpreter for Russian-French-English

Specialist in Russian culture and literature


Владислав Линкявичус 

Дипломирован Институтом Устных и Письменных Переводчиков Брюсселя

Устный и письменный переводчик, рус-фр-англ

Эксперт русской культуры и литературы